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This is a milk dipstick test which detects bacterial infections of the udder.  It is much simpler to use and detects mastitis earlier than the California Mastitis Test (CMT).Key facts:
•    Onset of bacterial infections detectable earlier than other methods.
•    Milk dipstick test – result in 2 minutes.
•    Dip and compare to colour chart.
•    Detects LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase).
•    LDH monitoring is now used in some automated milking systems.
•    Ideal for routine testing of fresh calvers, post-treatment or other problem cows prior to return to herd.

Protocol for testing:
Test fresh calvers after 10 days or prior to returning to herd, whichever comes first.

•    Forestrip.  Collect a composite milk sample.
•    Dip test strip in milk sample, wait 2 minutes and compare to colour chart.
[If result positive, test individual quarters to identify infected one(s).]
•    If any test result is positive, follow established management procedures or consult your vet.

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