SCC & Udder Health Tests

These tests are perfect for monitoring an individual cow’s SCC and udder health.  All are easy and inexpensive.  Use them to:
•    Test problem cows and quarters between monthly laboratory tests.
•    Check freshly calved cows and at drying off.
•    Monitor how well treatments have worked – get early warning of residual sub-clinical infections.
•    Check animals prior to purchase.

PortaSCC® lets dairy farmers check an individual cow’s somatic cell count level in minutes, using test strips.  There are now two versions:

PortaSCC® Milk Test
Ideal if you wish to check a number of cow samples at once:

→   Has a 45 minute reaction time.

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PortaSCC® Quick Test
This gives quick results; check 1 – 2 cows at a time.

→ Results in 5 minutes.
→ Estimate SCC with colour chart.

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In addition we have a new quick ‘dip & read’ test for udder infections which tests LDH * rather than SCC.

→ Measures LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenase) level in milk sample.
→ Results in 2 minutes.
→ Dipstick.

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