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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

In these conditions the “Seller” shall be Millwood Products Ltd. The “Buyer” shall be any customer, Company or organisation purchasing goods from or through the Seller.

    a. Online purchases by customers not registered on our website are payable immediately / before goods are dispatched.
    b. Customers, who choose to register online, may be offered a credit account, at the Seller’s discretion. All such customers must settle outstanding accounts within 30 days of invoice date.  Failure to effect payment by the due date(s) may result in the Seller, at his absolute discretion, suspending all or part of the trading facilities of the Buyer with the Seller. Payments of account balances need to be settled by cash, cheque, valid credit / debit card, direct payment to the Seller’s bank.
  2. PRICES:
    All prices quoted by the Seller are based upon these Conditions of Sale and reflect the limitation of the Seller’s liability contained herein. For any Buyer who wishes to Contract with the Seller on terms other than these Conditions special arrangements must be made prior to sale. Such special arrangements will only be binding on the Seller if they are made in writing and signed by an authorised person for the Seller. Otherwise these Conditions shall prevail.
    All prices quoted online will be exclusive of carriage and VAT which will be added at the appropriate rate where applicable. Prices may be subject to change without notice excepting where a firm price is quoted for acceptance within a stated period of time.
    Carriage will be charged separately on all deliveries
    The Seller will take all reasonable steps to deliver goods or have them available when required by the Buyer but shall not be liable for any delay occasioned by the failure of others to deliver as arranged.
    Product information literature is either available in downloadable format on our website or can be supplied by the Seller as required.
  6. TITLE:
    Title in any goods sold by the Seller shall not pass to the Buyer until payment in full of all sums due to the Seller has been made.
  7. USE:
    No assumptions should be made by the Buyer as to the fitness of any goods for any purpose other than as specifically described by the manufacturer. Any such use or adaptation shall be at the risk of the Buyer.
    If goods need to be are returned for any valid reason they must be accompanied by proof of purchase.  Goods returned for possible exchange must be unused, in resalable condition and returned within two weeks (14 days) after the date of purchase. The Seller will not accept the return of any goods for credit or refund in any circumstances other than evident fault in goods that have not been used and where exchange is not appropriate.
    In general all goods supplied from stock by the Seller are warranted to be in accord with the product manufacturer’s specification documents.  They will conform to the Warranty offered by the manufacturer of the goods and will be subject to fair and proper use and maintenance of the Goods by the Buyer.  The Buyer shall on discovery of any defect in the goods give immediate written notice to the Seller to enable the complaint to be investigated. No liability shall attach to the Seller until this procedure has been carried out.
    In addition:
    (a) Goods that have been dismantled or otherwise interfered with or that have been improperly used or have suffered accidental damage will not be eligible for Warranty consideration.
    (b) It is also conditional that any and all instructions provided by the manufacturer or the Seller will have been fully and properly complied with and/or that where a latest date for effective use is stated or is relevant that it has not been exceeded.
    (c) Where goods are returned under complaint after a period of use the Seller will investigate the complaint and report. This could result in the goods being replaced as may be appropriate if the claim is accepted. If a claim of fault in the goods is not justified, the Seller will arrange for the goods to be returned to the Buyer.  The Seller will undertake to process any such returns promptly to minimise delay as far as is possible.
    (d) Warranty on any goods sold by the Seller shall be specific to the condition of the goods at the time of delivery and to the composition of the goods being as stated, within reasonable tolerances. No other responsibility will be accepted by the Seller for any incorrect use or inappropriate storage of the goods by the Buyer or any claim for loss or damage arising therefrom unless it can be established beyond a reasonable doubt that the Seller is at fault.
    The liability of the Seller in any claim arising from the supply of any goods shall be limited to the replacement of the goods or a refund of the purchase value. No liability will be accepted for any consequential loss, damage or injury whatsoever, or any other cost arising from the transaction.
    The Buyer must advise the Seller in writing (otherwise than by a qualified signature on the delivery note) within seven days of the delivery, of any damage or non-delivery of part of the consignment. No claim will be considered unless the Buyer complies with the provisions of this clause.
    These Terms and Conditions shall have precedence over any conditions appearing on any document emanating from the Buyer and such Buyer conditions shall have no effect whatever unless expressly varied in writing by the Seller.
    Any recommendations or suggestions made by the Seller are made in good faith and it is for the Buyer to satisfy himself of the suitability for his own particular purpose and is deemed to have done so.Millwood Products 1st May 2013