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Antibiotic Tests

Delvotest® is the gold standard antibiotic test and now comes in three formats using the same incubator. Together, they provide you with the right tools for the job. Please phone us if you are unsure which test is best for you.

Delvotest® SP-NT

(For individual cows)

Perfect if your main requirement is to check individual cows after treatment. Testing all post-treatment cows, and securing a clear result before resubmitting milk for sale, remains the best safeguard available to ensure the integrity of your milk.

  • Ideal sensitivity for testing individual cows
  • Broad Spectrum – detects all 6 groups of antibiotics used on the farm.
  • Inexpensive per test
  • Results in 3 hours

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Delvotest® T

(For bulk tanks)

Ideal for regular/routine testing of bulk tanks (not advised for testing individual cows).

  • Used by all UK milk buyers for weekly payment testing.
  • Broad spectrum:detects all 6 antibiotic groups.
  • Inexpensive per test.
  • Results in 3¼ hours.

Detailed information on Delvotest® T

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Delvotest® Fast BL

(Rapid tests for bulk tanks)

If time is short and you need to check your bulk tank, before the tanker arrives, for the Beta Lactam group of antibiotics, this test is for you.

•    Results in 7 minutes.

•    Narrow Spectrum – detects beta-lactam antibiotics

Detailed information on Delvotest® Fast BL

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