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Antibiotic Tests

Delvotest® is the gold standard antibiotic test and comes in two formats. Together, they provide you with the right tools for the job. Please phone us on 01225 460234 if you are unsure which test is best for you.

We advise to run a controlled test (a test on a milk sample you know is antibiotic free) the first time you use your kit, to confirm that it is working perfectly.

Delvotest® SP-NT (3hr test)

(Ideal for testing individual cows ONLY)

Perfect if your main requirement is to check individual cows after treatment. Always observe product withdrawal periods. Combine this with testing all post-treated cows with Delvotest® to minimise the risk of suffering a tank failure.

  • Ideal sensitivity for testing individual cows
  • Broad Spectrum – detects all 6 groups of antibiotics
  • Inexpensive per test
  • Easy to read results
  • Results in 3 hours

Detailed information on Delvotest® SP-NT (3hr test)

Delvotest® T (3hr 15min test)

(Ideal for regular and routine checks on individual cows and bulk tanks)

Used by all UK milk buyers for weekly payment testing – as used by NML

  • Broad spectrum:detects all 6 antibiotic groups prescribed by your vet.
  • Inexpensive per test.
  • Easy to read results.
  • Results in 3¼ hours.

Detailed information on Delvotest® T (3hr 15min test)

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DipSensor®Rapid 10 minute test (!NEW PRODUCT - Promotion!)

On-farm quick test for Beta-Lactams, Tetracyclines and Cefalexin (Narrow Spectrum test)

  • Can be used on cow, goat and sheep milk
  • 10 min test at room temperature (15 – 30°)
  • One-step test: easy sampling, no pipette required
  • Easy to read result with test strip
  • Dipper tubes are reusable so less waste

Detailed information on DipSensor®Rapid 10 minute test (!NEW PRODUCT - Promotion!)

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Auroflow 24 & Auroflow PR1ME Rapid tests

On-farm quick test for Beta-Lactams

  • Auroflow 24 pack is a 7 min test (no heater block required)
  • Auroflow PR1ME 100 pack is a 3 min test (heater block required)
  • Easy to read result with test strip
  • Results in minutes to give a good indication if antibiotics are present

Detailed information on Auroflow 24 & Auroflow PR1ME Rapid tests