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Delvotest® SP-NT (3hr test)

Ideal for checking individual cows when:

  • Cows calve early after dry cow therapy.
  • A cow has been treated ‘Off Label’:
     when a standard dose rate has been exceeded
     when treatments are extended
     if treatments are combined
    Off- label use renders normal withdrawal periods unreliable: extend to 7 days from last
    treatment and always test before resubmitting milk for sale.
  • If treatment records are ‘lost or confused’.
  • To identify which cow is responsible for a ‘mystery’ tank failure (see blue link on the right for

Testing all post-treatment cows, and securing a clear result before resubmitting milk for sale, remains the best safeguard available to ensure the integrity of your milk.

Please call us for advice if you are uncertain about which version of the test to use (01225 460234).